Six Feet Under

I’m gonna share a piece that I wrote as part of my Creative Writing module I took while I was in year 2 studying in Singapore Management University (SMU). Basically, it’s written from the perspective of a man that wakes up inside a coffin, buried in the ground (basically what the film Buried was, without the whole terrorist subplot). It’s a lot longer compared to my last post so bear with me.

The Story

I awoke and yet my surroundings was pitch black. I could barely see my own hands. A few seconds passed and I suddenly felt a sensation of pain at the back of my head. I reached backwards and touched the afflicted area. It was moist. Felt like blood, I thought.

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Occupational hazards

Okay, will be adopting this format of ‘Story, followed by thoughts behind the process’ for my posts. Can’t really think of a good title for this story so we’ll make do with this one. It’s a relatively bite-sized one so I thought it’ll be a good first actual content post to this blog.

The Story
He would come into my office every few months, sometimes it would take a month in between visits and sometimes half a year, but he would always come in with a bad cut.

I always admired how much of a strong-willed person he was, he never asked for painkillers or anesthesia to numb the pain as I stitched him up. “I work in a wood shop,” he would tell me when I asked about his wounds.

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First blog post

Well, here I am. I’ve always wanted to write for a long time and I’ve eventually written a few short stories (hilariously posted as Facebook statuses) and finally decided to start this blog to share my stories, thoughts on films (short reviews), and personal random thoughts.

I don’t know how this far this will go but here I am, taking my first step into finally starting this blog to archive stories I’ve written and will write in the future for the world to see. Some people tell me I have the creative juices to produce masterpieces and I’ll let you guys be the critics for my work.