Clue (1985): A Film Review


It’s been a while, ladies and gentlemen. Grab a seat, take a sip of wine, and relax as we dive into a mystery. It all begins on a stormy night- Hmm? You don’t understand what’s happening?

Very well, let’s start at the beginning. Clue (1985) is a very unique film, probably the only movie known for being the only film based off a board game that’s actually quite entertaining for what it is. It’s basically a film that tries to recreate the board game in a movie form. But does it do its job well? There’s only one way to find out, so let’s begin!

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Storytelling aka my love letter to Star Wars


Surprisingly, I was never a fan of Star Wars. I never watched any of the original trilogy nor have I ever (bothered to) watch the prequel trilogy. It always felt a little… meh to me. Before you raise your torches in rage, let me explain!

Star Wars never appealed to me because of its theme. I never liked the futuristic theme of it and how dated it looked. And I’ve always been a fan of fantasy-themed stuff due to growing up with video games that used those themes like Sacred Gold/Diablo and also falling in love with the Lord of the Rings franchise but never Star Wars. I’ve kind of always steered clear of it until 2015.

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Character Development aka Why I love the anime, One Piece!


The first post of the new year, so here’s to an awesome 2017, everyone!

This is a topic I’ve thought about today and it’s greatly inspired by my annual ritual of binge watching movies/anime/drama series (started in 2015 when I welcomed 2016 at home) to welcome the incoming new year. This year on New Year’s Day, while everyone was busy catching up with friends, I was kinda busy clearing my backlog of stuff to watch.

So, I decided to catch up on One Piece, one of my most favorite anime of all time. It’s not for everyone, that’s for sure. The art style, extremely long list of episodes to catch up on (currently at episode 770 as of this written article), and it being one of the few ‘mainstream anime’ can turn anyone off. But I can say, in my opinion, that it has some of the best writing because there’s so much love and care given to the characters.

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