Spider-Man VS Spider-Man vs Spider-Man: An Opinion Piece


I was contemplating writing a review for Spider-Man: Homecoming just days after watching the film but it’s already garnered the praise that it deserves (awesome movie BTW!).

But there’s a battle that’s not being shown that is actually going on for a while now, and while that fight does include Spider-Man, it’s not him facing off anyone from his rogue gallery but instead, it’s a fight between Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland. And in this opinion piece, it’s time to share my pick and justify why!

A Little Backstory

Spider-Man has always appealed to me as a kid because he had cool powers. As I got older, the nuances of him having to protect his identity to ensure the safety of his loved ones as well as his backstory pretty much being the definitive story for why responsibility and power goes hand-in-hand also became a crucial part of Spidey’s character and continues to be well-translated into his films. And I love him.

Then came the dilemma.

I was never familiar with the comics version of Spider-Man but vaguely remembered Spider-Man from the animated shows as well but Spider-Man, in my early childhood, was pretty much Tobey Maguire from the Sam Raimi films.


My Pick

But Tobey lacked one very definitive quality of Spider-Man. He sucked at being the witty one-liner, smartass that Peter Parker became once he donned the suit. And god, I f***ing hated how much his mask tore up because his secret identity that he fought to keep a secret was always almost going to be exposed and I’d expected more effort on Peter’s part to make sure his mask won’t always tear. Also, his powers were fully developed from his spider bite and he shot organic webs (eww…) which were not what the comic version (brushed up with the help of wikipedia!) had since Peter in the animated series also used a web launcher. So this meant Tobey’s out.


Then came a new challenger in 2012. The trailer caught me by surprise and it made me hope for change. At around 0:58, the quippy Spider-Man finally graced our screens. Andrew Garfield was armed with homemade web launchers and was lovers with Gwen Stacy instead of Mary-Jane Watson. Boom! Comic accuracy  made me want to make this my new favorite. Then the movies hit the cinemas (both of them) and the whiny, bratty Peter Parker quickly made me sad that Andrew was an amazing Spider-Man (forgive the pun!) but a horrendous Peter Parker, which Tobey was. And thus, Andrew’s out too.


The pining for a Spider-Man depiction that had both a great Peter Parker and Spider-Man felt like a dream now. Amidst the civil war (forgive my puns!) among fans, we got another mind-blowing announcement: SPIDER-MAN’S COMING HOME TO THE MCU, appearing in Captain America: Civil War in 2016.

We all got worried. Was Andrew coming back? Was Tobey gonna be rehired for the role? Nope. We got a new Spider-Man and his name was Tom Holland. And fans were a bit anxious to see Spidey again, in his 3rd incarnation.


A new Spider-Man with a balance of wit with the costume on and a teenage boy that had teenage problems gave me hope. And after watching the film… Tom Holland is my pick as the best Spider-Man we have to date. Let me explain why.


Why? Oh God, why?

Tom Holland is my favorite Spider-Man for a few simple reasons:

  1. Age-appropriate: Peter was always depicted as a high schooler. But he was always played by guys way beyond the age but this time, it feels a bit weird but in a good way. I was a bit worried at first but in time, it was actually pretty amazing to see.
  2. Part of the MCU: Finally, we get a Spider-Man that is much better handled as it is developed by Marvel Studios and are, well, kinda the creators of the character. And it shows in Homecoming.
  3. Development for the future: Okay, this part is more spoiler-ish and for the comic fans. But we got a glimpse of the Iron Spider costume that Tony Stark develops for Spider-Man. And that tease is enough for us to want more of our new Spidey. Also, we can now cross our fingers that Miles Morales might be part of the MCU too since his uncle, The Prowler, made an appearance in Homecoming.



And I hope now why you guys can see why I like Tom Holland as our new Spider-Man right now. MCU has finally done him justice and I hope I managed to sway you into liking him as much as I do now.

We finally got a Spider-Man that is the best of both worlds, in my opinion. And I hope to see more of Tom Holland as Spider-Man in the MCU films, even if he’s just a cameo. Now, if only the X-men and Fantastic 4 can follow in Spidey’s footsteps…

A man can dream, can’t he? Until next time!



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