Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: A Film Review


I’ve got a confession. It’s a really awkward one to share but today’s the day I’ll spill the beans. Trilogies, when done right, can take a special place in a person’s heart; just look at how many fans the Star Wars original trilogy had and you’d have a pretty convincing example. And my secret is… my trilogy of choice will have to go to the Pirates of the Caribbean series. It just has that perfect blend of campiness, strangeness and charm that only a trilogy of pirate films can give you.

After the extremely disappointing 4th film in the franchise which steered away from the narrative they concluded in the trilogy, my expectations were honestly pretty damn low. I won’t go into detail why the 4th film was horrible for me but it just felt like the formula was messed with; there were many elements that I loved in the original 3 films that On Stranger Tides just lacked. So when the teaser for Dead Men Tell No Tales finally hit mainstream media, I couldn’t help but be excited for the franchise again… in the hopes that this time, they’d hit the mark like the did once before.

Disclaimer: SPOILERS AHEAD!!

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Personal Shopper: A Film Review


I’ll be honest straight off the bat: I’ve never had good experiences with arthouse films. They sometimes lack the subtlety in trying to send a message to their audience, almost giving it the feel of a Matrix Revolutions, with awkward scenes that seem to dwell too long on a closeup just to set up an ’emotional scene’.

However, Personal Shopper was a… surprising entry that intrigued me by its plot that failed horribly when it came to execution, with its only saving grace being Kristen Stewart’s performance in the film.


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The Crimson Lady: A Short Story

“… as the red mist slowly dissipated, everyone in that room moved towards the Shogun’s room, and his body was rested against the wall, where his crimes were written out in blood. And in his hands, the Shogun’s head laid, cleanly cut from his neck.”

Silence swept across the tavern as the old man finished his story, a claim he had witnessed the mythical Lady Crimson, a killer that has slain hundreds of evildoers across the lands. There were many claims of encountering her but all of them had the same cliches: a red mist that filled the air and some evildoer losing his life. Theatrics were added to spice up the stories in some recounts and her legend continued to grow among patrons of the taverns across the kingdom.

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Hacksaw Ridge: A Film Review


War is and will always be the darkest moments of human history. World War II is probably the darkest among the wartime periods mankind ever faced especially as a Singaporean growing up. Singapore, as a tiny island nation, also was involved in that war and the stories of the war atrocities the Japanese have committed during that time is neither forgotten by us or by the rest of the world.

And Hacksaw Ridge was released with Andrew Garfield holding the lead and telling the story of a medic that didn’t use a weapon during the war but saved 75 other soldiers during one of the battles. So let’s move right into it.

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Writing Prompts

I have a self-confessed obsession recently. I discovered a really interesting subreddit recently /r/WritingPrompts, which has a very simple idea. There’s a prompt/idea/concept and the other users are then asked to write based on that.
This is one of my latest submissions there. Just thought I’d share. It’s my 3rd time writing there so… I hope you enjoy!

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The Married Man

It’s been a while since I shared a short story on my blog. Of course, the biggest reason is that I’m a lazy writer filled with good ideas but lack the inspiration to write them out (maybe I suffer from some sort of strange permanent writer’s block). So it’s about time I shared one.

The Story
“My marriage is a lie… I can feel it,”
I scribbled onto my notebook. “I suspect that my wife is cheating on me… She’s been showing signs akin to those of a guilty partner. She offered to cook and pack my lunch for me recently when she never used to do that.” Continue reading

Pulp Fiction: A Film Review


“Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead”

Do you remember the first time you’ve met someone that have stories to tell that seemed like made-up fantastical stories that made you wonder if they could have an ounce of realism? It could be a fellow bunk-mate you met while you served National Service, or a new colleague at work, or a friend of a friend that you met at a party. Well, Pulp Fiction feels exactly like that.

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Clue (1985): A Film Review


It’s been a while, ladies and gentlemen. Grab a seat, take a sip of wine, and relax as we dive into a mystery. It all begins on a stormy night- Hmm? You don’t understand what’s happening?

Very well, let’s start at the beginning. Clue (1985) is a very unique film, probably the only movie known for being the only film based off a board game that’s actually quite entertaining for what it is. It’s basically a film that tries to recreate the board game in a movie form. But does it do its job well? There’s only one way to find out, so let’s begin!

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